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[he has a valid point -- are cloud services also liable for what 
people put there?]

Kim Dotcom denies responsibility for mass copyright breach

Published: November 19, 2012 - 1:01PM

Wellington, New Zealand: Kim Dotcom, wanted in the United States on 
charges his intnternet company Megaupload.com orchestrated the 
biggest copyright infringement in that country's history, says he was 
never responsible for what users did with the content.

"You can't blame me if people upload something to a website we have 
created for online storage; it's not my responsibility," said Dotcom 
in an interview broadcast on Television New Zealand's Q+A. "I'm not 
doing it and I'm not providing anyone with links to that content."

Dotcom, 38, was arrested at his home in Auckland in January after he 
and the company he founded were indicted in the United States, where 
prosecutors accused his website of generating more than $US175 
million ($169 million) in criminal proceeds from the exchange of 
pirated film, music, book and software files. After spending four 
weeks in jail he was released on bail and is awaiting an extradition 
hearing, tentatively scheduled for March.

If Megaupload is illegal, so are "countless other websites that allow 
user-generated content", Dotcom said. "We are a hard-drive that is 
connected to the internet. What you do with it is your responsibility."

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