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Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
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On 26/11/12 11:02, John Hilvert wrote:

> ... current generation mobile devices are better suited for
> consumption of net services ... consumption priority over
> contributing ...

Yes, the issue of consuming versus creating comes up in the debate over
the role of mobile devices in education. There are those who argue that 
mobile devices central to a new, more interactive, form of education. I 
am less enthusiast, seeing them as a possibly useful supplement. You 
might use the mobile for adding a brief comment in a discussion but not 
to write a book.

> ... Right now, a good keyboard is still essential for using a mobile
> device for creating content ...

The virtual keyboards on tablet computers are reasonably usable. But it
amuses me when people buy a slim tablet computer, then add a bulky cover 
and keyboard, to turn it into an expensive and not very good netbook.

> The age difference is attributable to the fact that tablets and
> devices offer entertainment goodies such as videos, games and apps
> while on the go as well as being generally cheaper than netbooks.
> ...

Are tablets cheaper than netbooks? There are some Android netbooks 
coming out for about $200.

For upper secondary and university students, I would see a 11.6 inch
laptop being about right. If it also has a touch sensitive screen which
can fold over the keyboard, it could function as a tablet as well. The
student would connect it to a big screen for
desktop use.

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