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At 08:41 AM 27/11/2012, Tom Worthington wrote:
>For upper secondary and university students, I would see a 11.6 inch
>laptop being about right. If it also has a touch sensitive screen which
>can fold over the keyboard, it could function as a tablet as well. The
>student would connect it to a big screen for
>desktop use.

The ads for these are appearing on tv now. I can't remember what 
brand they are. They are convertables. The ads show a lady getting on 
a train and turning her laptop into a tablet as she is moving with 
the screen staying the same as she does. It may be smoke and mirrors 
but it looks very cool.

There are different types of creativity input: text, 
'finger-painting' art/drawing (at a range of detail), calculator 
numbers, musical devices as Rachel and others pointed out, voice, 
photography -- have I missed any? Different devices do different 
things more easily than others. I'm not sure the perfect all-purpose 
device has been developed yet. But we are getting close. Is this 
really what was meant by 'convergence'?


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