[LINK] Effect of New Government on ICT in Canberra

Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Thu Sep 12 11:21:27 AEST 2013

At 10:52 AM 12/09/2013, Roger Clarke wrote:
> >and other organizations on-line, they are more likely to be receptive to
> >eGovernment.
>So the intensity of [5] may be (unjustifiably) decreased, although by
>how much, and with what further impacts, is hard to judge.

I think there is a bit of expectation, though, that many govt 
services would be at least as advanced as other govts around the 
world. I do hope, however, that they don't go as far as the US in 
that some services are only online but since I don't live in the US, 
I can't get an account on them. I'm sorta stuck as to how to deal with this.

>But it doesn't address the major impediments, which are [1] to [4].

Agreed. We're back to business case again, and that requires 
realistic pragmatists who can analyse the whole set of processes, not 
just the whim of the politician who happens to sit in the seat at the 
moment, particularly a merchant banker who thinks he understands IT 
because he once owned/ran an internet company.


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