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Thu Sep 12 23:06:05 AEST 2013

LONDON -- The U.K. coalition government has confirmed plans to 
privatize the country's 500-year-old Royal Mail this fall.

Business Secretary Vince Cable said Thursday an initial public 
offering of a majority stake in the postal service was scheduled for 
the coming weeks.

Officials say the expected stock sale will be open to members of the 
public as well as to larger institutional investors. The minimum 
investment will be set at 750 pounds ($1,185) with Royal Mail 
employees getting a slice of the stock offering.

I wonder if they are also experimenting with some of the digital 
services Aussie Post is? Or turning their post offices into sundry 
stores? I was in our local this week and saw everything from a 
barbecue grill to a jellyfish aquarium. That is not a joke.


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