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Kim Holburn kim.holburn at gmail.com
Fri Sep 13 11:17:12 AEST 2013

On 2013/Sep/13, at 10:44 AM, Jan Whitaker wrote:

> At 09:43 AM 13/09/2013, Kim Holburn wrote:
>> I just talked to my building society and the paywave card has a 
>> limit of $100 per transaction and $200 per day.  They can't or won't 
>> change that limit.  It's not possible to get a visa card without 
>> paywave or a mastercard without paypass.  I think it's going to have 
>> to be the small hole option.
> Can you get a second card and experiment so you aren't without a 
> working card if it fails?

I have a separate non-credit card.  I don't actually use my credit card that much.  As long as I don't hit the magnetic stripe the magnetic stripe is still going to work.  As long as I don't hit the chip it should still work.  I haven't seen that many paywave stations in my area so finding one to test it might be hard.

I'm annoyed that I don't get an option to opt out or even change my limit.  How is that even legal?

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