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> Each month, about six million students head to Khan Academy for online video lectures on everything from chemistry and computer science to logical reasoning and the Renaissance.
> New credentialing models gain traction
> The idea of a third-party organization, outside of traditional academic circles, offering a new kind of credential is gaining traction. Just yesterday, investor and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman wrote a post calling for the “disruption of the diploma.” And startups like Degreed and Smarterer, in addition to the non-profit Mozilla’s Open Badges initiative, are beginning to point the way to new models of certification.
> Last week, Udacity announced a new consortium of technology companies and educational groups – of which Khan Academy is partner – that plans to provide students with a curriculum, learning content and the certification they need to pursue careers in technology.

> Started with a mission is to provide “free world-class education for anyone anywhere," the website offers more than 4,500 micro lectures via video tutorials on YouTube. 

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