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Wed Sep 25 22:18:29 AEST 2013

Briefly, never having played electronic games (eg, PC or X-Box, Nintendo, 
Wii, Playstation etc) and currently having time available, I thought one 
should at least experience these now very popular digital environments.

So, for $40 and second-hand, I've just now bought these PC games ..

Call Of Duty Black Ops  
Call Of Duty Modern Warefare 2 
Call Of Duty World At War 
Call Of Duty Moden Warefare 
Call Of Duty MW3 
Counter Strike Source 
Crysis Warhead 
Crysis 2 Limited Edition
Dawn Of War 
Dawn Of War 2 Chaos Rising 
The Lord Of The Rings Return Of the King 
Medal Of Honor Airbourne  
World in Conflict
007 Quantum Of Solace

As these appear mainly first-person shoot-em-ups? I'm wondering if anyone 
knowledgeable might make suggestions as to good all-round electronic game 
experiences. Eg, online multi-player, other games, other genres etc, etc?  
And besides Good Game, any Link comments about these would be of interest.

What facets should one explore for a reasonable overview of the industry? 


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