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Regards e-commerce development, hope this local startup does well ..


Selz.com was formed (in May) with the goal of making sales via blogs and 
social networks simple. 

The company’s service allows users to sell digital downloads and physical 
products with a few clicks. There is no monthly fee, no merchant account 
needed, no contracts and only a simple flat fee per sale. For site owners, 
adding a Selz button is as easy as cutting and pasting a snippet of code to 
their site. 

Bloggers can choose from adding a “buy now” button or a widget showing the 
product's details on their site. Selz has also made it easier for bloggers 
to sell via their social networks using its integrated sharing to Facebook, 
Twitter or Pinterest at the click of a mouse ..

FAQ: https://selz.com/faqs

Is Selz available worldwide?

Yes, Selz can be used by both buyers and sellers worldwide.

Who uses Selz?

Whether you're clearing out the garage or selling your creations online, 
anyone can use Selz.

How much does it cost?

Its free to join Selz.

There are no setup fees, monthly costs, or subscriptions and we only charge 
if you make a sale.

Selz takes a commission of 5% + 25c of the transaction amount. So, for 
example, if you sell something for $100, the buyer pays $100 we take $5.25 
and you receive $94.75.

Is Selz secure?

We take security very seriously. All payments are fully encrypted, SSL 
secure, and PCI compliant.

Selz uses Westpac and PayPal to securely process our online payments.

What payment options are available?

Buyers can pay using Mastercard and Visa.

We plan to add additional payments options in the future.

How do I get paid?

Depending where you are we pay directly into your bank account (Australia) 
or to your Paypal account. (So far, everywhere else) Sellers are paid every 
two weeks.

When you make a sale we securely process the buyer's card payment. When we 
transfer the money across to your account Selz takes it's processing fees.

Do I need a particular brand of mobile phone / tablet?

We've built Selz so that it can be used on any smartphone, any tablet or 
any desktop.

Who builds Selz?

Our awesome team is based on the sunny northern beaches of glorious Sydney.

Is Selz a marketplace?

No. Selz is not a marketplace. Selz's goal is to help you sell your work 
directly to your audience by making it easy to sell from a blog, website or 
via social networks. We want you to build a business from your audience.

To help you sell to your audience, we provide you with an out of the box e-
commerce framework that takes care of everything from secure payments to 
delivery. We provide you with tools to reach out to your own audience in 
whatever way you choose, giving you more time on creating the stuff you’re 
passionate about.

What kind of products can I sell?

We allow you to sell physical items (electronics, paintings, clothes etc) 
and items that can be downloaded (eBooks, music, photos etc).

There are a few things you cannot sell on Selz such as illegal drugs, 
counterfeit items, adult products, weapons or explosives, etc. You can find 
a full list in our Terms


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