[LINK] Robert X Cringely on the future of the smartphone and desktop - as seen by Apple.

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At 3:43 PM +1000 25/9/13, Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:

Is Cringely losing his touch?

I'm used to him being well ahead of me.

But the first 'big idea' in the article is:

"Here's what I think is happening  ... a growing emphasis from here 
on out will be the role of iOS on the desktop" (last three words in 

I've been on a long-term path to escape Mac for over 3 years now, 
because of the iOS-isation of OSX.  And I didn't think that I was 
being at all prescient, just pragmatic.  (I've had a great run on 
Macs, and the hardware's still worth the margin;  but the software 
takes you hostage).

[Okay, I'm fudging a little.  Cringely also says that, if his 
interpretatoin of Apple's direction is right, the desktop ceases to 
be the hub of the home network and becomes just the HCI components, 
with storage and processing in handset(s) and the cloud.  (We used to 
call it 'docking', and it used to involve a rigid frame or lots of 

[And his mooted MacBook Vacuum is cute, even if it does still weigh 
500gm and remains fragile for a few years yet.

[At 447, Apple shares looked pretty attractive on 17 Sep 13.
[Achtung: non-linear y-axis:

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