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For single player - interactive movies you MUST try:

Red Dead Redemption (console only) and Mass Effect 3

They might take a little while to get into, but these are what modern
gaming is all about and can be had for a pittance now. Other titles in this
genre include the latest Tomb Raider, The Last of Us (PS3 only) and Skyrim.

Delving into shooters for the first time can be daunting. You will get
smashed and abused. I find the most easily accessible is Gears of War
(Xbox) but the best Fast and Frantic one is Call of Duty BlackOps2 (note
you really need the latest version of these franchise games - for online
play - as there's minimal online community left when a new title comes out.
However, probably best for beginners is Battlefield 3 which lets you focus
on doing all sorts of things like support teammates, drive tanks and fly
jets and helicopters. It's much slower paced than CoD but there's much more
to do. Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike Global Offensive are both
highly-regarded, competitive games with lots of modes and a thriving
community too.

Oh, and how could I forget Portal and Half-Life 2. Play Portal 1 before you
do anything else. It's only short but it's often regarded as the greatest
game ever made and is a brilliant brilliant brilliant puzzler which looks
like a shooter (but isnt) that's not too long.


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> Briefly, never having played electronic games (eg, PC or X-Box, Nintendo,
> Wii, Playstation etc) and currently having time available, I thought one
> should at least experience these now very popular digital environments.
> So, for $40 and second-hand, I've just now bought these PC games ..
> Call Of Duty Black Ops
> Call Of Duty Modern Warefare 2
> Call Of Duty World At War
> Call Of Duty Moden Warefare
> Call Of Duty MW3
> Counter Strike Source
> Crysis
> Crysis Warhead
> Crysis 2 Limited Edition
> Dawn Of War
> Dawn Of War 2 Chaos Rising
> The Lord Of The Rings Return Of the King
> Medal Of Honor Airbourne
> World in Conflict
> 007 Quantum Of Solace
> As these appear mainly first-person shoot-em-ups? I'm wondering if anyone
> knowledgeable might make suggestions as to good all-round electronic game
> experiences. Eg, online multi-player, other games, other genres etc, etc?
> And besides Good Game, any Link comments about these would be of interest.
> What facets should one explore for a reasonable overview of the industry?
> Cheers,
> Stephen
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