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For quite a nice, free, multiplayer shooter try Sauerbraten.


Runs on Linux too.

On 26/09/13 13:27, Nick Ross wrote:
> For single player - interactive movies you MUST try:
> Red Dead Redemption (console only) and Mass Effect 3
> They might take a little while to get into, but these are what modern
> gaming is all about and can be had for a pittance now. Other titles in this
> genre include the latest Tomb Raider, The Last of Us (PS3 only) and Skyrim.
> Delving into shooters for the first time can be daunting. You will get
> smashed and abused. I find the most easily accessible is Gears of War
> (Xbox) but the best Fast and Frantic one is Call of Duty BlackOps2 (note
> you really need the latest version of these franchise games - for online
> play - as there's minimal online community left when a new title comes out.
> However, probably best for beginners is Battlefield 3 which lets you focus
> on doing all sorts of things like support teammates, drive tanks and fly
> jets and helicopters. It's much slower paced than CoD but there's much more
> to do. Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike Global Offensive are both
> highly-regarded, competitive games with lots of modes and a thriving
> community too.
> Oh, and how could I forget Portal and Half-Life 2. Play Portal 1 before you
> do anything else. It's only short but it's often regarded as the greatest
> game ever made and is a brilliant brilliant brilliant puzzler which looks
> like a shooter (but isnt) that's not too long.
> N
> On 25 September 2013 22:20, stephen at melbpc.org.au <stephen at melbpc.org.au>wrote:
>> Briefly, never having played electronic games (eg, PC or X-Box, Nintendo,
>> Wii, Playstation etc) and currently having time available, I thought one
>> should at least experience these now very popular digital environments.
>> So, for $40 and second-hand, I've just now bought these PC games ..
>> Call Of Duty Black Ops
>> Call Of Duty Modern Warefare 2
>> Call Of Duty World At War
>> Call Of Duty Moden Warefare
>> Call Of Duty MW3
>> Counter Strike Source
>> Crysis
>> Crysis Warhead
>> Crysis 2 Limited Edition
>> Dawn Of War
>> Dawn Of War 2 Chaos Rising
>> The Lord Of The Rings Return Of the King
>> Medal Of Honor Airbourne
>> World in Conflict
>> 007 Quantum Of Solace
>> As these appear mainly first-person shoot-em-ups? I'm wondering if anyone
>> knowledgeable might make suggestions as to good all-round electronic game
>> experiences. Eg, online multi-player, other games, other genres etc, etc?
>> And besides Good Game, any Link comments about these would be of interest.
>> What facets should one explore for a reasonable overview of the industry?
>> Cheers,
>> Stephen
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