[LINK] How Do I Stop Spam from the Palmer United Party?

Dr Bob Jansen (in Korea) bob.jansen at turtlelane.com.au
Sun Feb 2 10:48:55 AEDT 2014


I'm in a similar situation as you. As far as I am aware, being a 
political party means they are outside the anti-spam legislation. So 
I've just put an account level filter into our email system's CPanel so 
from now on anything from them disappears.

I am sure you know about this as well, so I am not sure why you posted 
the message. What is your ulterior motive?


On 2/02/14 8:29 AM, Tom Worthington wrote:
> On Sunday I received seventeen copies of the appended "New Year
> Greetings" email from the Palmer United Party. I am happy to receive the
> occasional newsletter from my elected representatives, but Clive Palmer
> MP is not one of them.
> I have forwarded all the messages to the ACMA Spam Intelligence
> Database:
> http://www.acma.gov.au/Citizen/Stay-protected/My-mobile-world/Dealing-with-mobile-spam/spam-complaints-reports-and-enquiries
> Any suggestions on how to stop this? There is an unsubscribe offer at
> the end of the message, but a posting to Whirlpool indicates that a
> request to be removed from the mailing list resulted in more email:
> http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=2148871&#r14
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