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Jan Whitaker jwhit at internode.on.net
Thu Feb 13 15:16:53 AEDT 2014

At 03:02 PM 13/02/2014, Rick Welykochy you wrote:
>Aside: I find the Adobe PDF Reader so painful, I gave up using it years ago.
>Note that Adobe Reader now plays videos! This is very worrisome as such a
>feature will multiply the number of attack vectors in Adobe's already very
>buggy and insecure products. Thank the demons for Preview in OS X,
>which views PDFs painlessly, quickly and without the fuss of Adobe Reader.

Although I have Adobe Reader and their ebook product installed (I 
needed it to read a specific book; go figure), I don't have Shockwave 
Player installed, which was the clue to the prior mystery. Instead of 
Reader, for anyone on windows, I use Nitro Reader, another 'freebie' 
that works great. I've also disabled the Firefox plugin for Adobe 
Reader. Nitro has a plugin as well.


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