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Fri Feb 21 10:33:40 AEDT 2014

The Communications Department has released a My Broadband website 
that purports to show what broadband is available at the address 
level. From the article:

The federal government has released a report and website showing the 
quality and availability of broadband services across Australia in an 
effort to demonstrate how it will prioritise the national broadband 
network rollout.

The Broadband Availability and Quality Report and MyBroadband website 
compare broadband quality and availability at homes and businesses in 
more than 78,000 local areas.

The website allows people to search broadband availability and 
quality by address and lists services to the area, such as whether a 
fibre, fibre to the node, ADSL or other service is available to a consumer.

Its release was foreshadowed by Fairfax Media on Tuesday and is based 
on maps provided by telcos to the Coalition shortly after it came to power.

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the report shows there 
are up to 1.6 million premises throughout Australia which have either 
no broadband or very poor broadband connectivity, with peak median 
download speeds of less than 4.8 megabits per second.

NBN Co, the company rolling out the national broadband network, would 
make use of the report to prioritise the rollout of the Coalition's 
national broadband network where "logistically and commercially 
feasible", Mr Turnbull said at a press conference in Sydney on Thursday.

"If you are going to rollout a national broadband network today and 
upgrade peoples' broadband services, obviously you should aim 
wherever possible to target and prioritise those people who have the 
worst broadband," Mr Turnbull said.

"What we're launching today ... will enable Australians to see how 
their neighbourhood rates in terms of internet connectivity."


The problem is, when you use the website, there is so much drivel 
about how inaccurate the information is, it's practically useless.

The comments that follow the story, from actual people, show how 
unreliable this information is.

At least he tried, I guess. Pity it is so wrong.


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