[LINK] O my - wiggle word heaven and garbage data

Glen Turner gdt at gdt.id.au
Fri Feb 21 20:35:07 AEDT 2014

Website is optimistic for me too. Semaphore, a long-established suburb of Port Adelaide.

https://www.mybroadband.communications.gov.au/ says:
The estimated median ADSL speed for your area is (Mbps): > 22.13

My ADSL2-M modem says:
Rate (Kbps): Downstream 11721 Upstream 947

In my case the actual is half of the modelled.

This doesn't shock me, as the last mile copper was damaged by building works and the lead-in was damaged by a falling tree. In my evening walks around the suburb it's pretty plain that there's no last-mile copper run that hasn't sustained some damage. That's not a shock: stuff happens across 45 years. What has happened is that Telstra have kept a lid on maintenance since the 1980s, and that means that faults to the last mile have accumulated rather than been repaired.

The age of the installed copper plant (a proxy for accumulated damage) pretty obviously hasn't yet been added to the model. That's a major oversight.


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