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>Cool Tools for Compiling to JavaScript
>By Peter Wayner, 14th April 2015.  http://www.arnnet.com.au/article/572526/cool-tools-compiling-javascript/

Once upon a time, computing terms had clear meanings.

Compile meant to convert source-code into executable code, i.e. the machine-language of a given computer.

Although I must admit that there were some that converted source-code into the assembler-language used for a given computer, which necessitated a second run, of the assembler to convert the result into an executable.

(Let's leave aside the frequently misunderstood notion of 'object-code').

The idea of converting a real language into the semi-accidental monstrosity that is JavaScript (ECMAScript anyone?) is a bit of a jolt.  

Late-generation Fortran into Basic??  Algol into C?  Algol into C++?  Well, I guess the last of those may have some kind of logic to it.

More to the point, X-to-JS is not 'compiling' in the original sense. 

I tried to make sense of some aspects of the topic in this one:

Written "a quarter-century ago".  Ouch.

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