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Tue Jan 27 08:07:25 AEDT 2015

On 26/01/2015 10:12 AM, Tom Worthington wrote:
> On 24/01/15 16:24, jore wrote:
>> ... What can you do? ...
> I teach how to reduce carbon emissions using computers and provide the 
> course notes for free so others can teach it (used from Hong Kong to 
> Canada): http://www.tomw.net.au/ict_sustainability/introduction.shtml
> In terms of preventing nuclear war, I propose free open source hot-line 
> software, which nations could use to defuse a crisis. Perhaps I can 
> persuade the Sahana Software Foundation to build it. They already give 
> away disaster management software for use by organizations such as the 
> Red Cross. Perhaps they could also do "disaster prevention" software: 
> http://sahanafoundation.org/

Hi there,

I didn't mean to start a pissing contest, nor to begin criticising
other's work, but I think the first part about ICT and sustainability is
problematic and it's what I'm trying to get at with this discussion in
terms of personal solutions.  I work with computers too but for social
change activism but I'm acutely aware that the entire technology mindset
is not and can never be sustainable, let alone the environmental impacts
(not just emissions). This is why I make the point about opposing and
brining down this culture rather than attempting to reform what can
never be reformed.  i.e. ICT is not and can never be sustainable every
way down the line---from the question of non-harmful electricity
generation, to the issue of plastics and toxification, to the mining and
precious metals that are required and constantly required in greater
measure (let alone the slavery and wars); to the issues of
transportation, global wired and wireless connectivity, to the issues of
the toxification of the environment by all of this from product cycle
(leaving aside planned obsolescence et al) and then to eWaste (and the
horrific stories of so-called "recycling"), to the underlying
infrastructures that makes the technology possible and perpetuate all
this---all having serious cumulative impact that is inherently
unsustainable and not compatible with the natural world.  It's no wonder
to me then, that this culture is the sole inventor and perpetrator of
such technologies, but not only that, seeks to defend them at all costs
while the world is being murdered (for example, I'm thinking of
Japan---the most techno-gadget place on the planet---not willing to give
up electricity even after the Fukushima disaster, etc. That says it all,
right? I mean, do we care about a liveable planet or powering our
gadgets for another 20 minutes?).

Anyway, having said all this though, any effort to reduce emissions in
any way possible is loudly applaudable and important work. Don't get me
wrong. It's just the question of where one's loyalties are. Which is why
I say, if we're trying to fix this culture and sustain the
unsustainable, then good luck---we're doomed to fail. We need to oppose
this culture that is killing the planet, and stop it.

Likewise with preventing any war. That's very important work.

Thank you and all the best,

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