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On 28/01/15 22:07, Stephen Loosley wrote:
> Quoting: http://www.afr.com/p/technology/australia_launches_cyber_weapons_hR1B30qv3c6bYKJvquVzoO
> Australian Cyber Offensive ...
> ... more than a decade we have been building an offensive
> "computer network attack" (CNA) capability inside the Australian
> Signals Directorate (ASD) ...

Greetings from the Australian National University in Canberra, where 
Professor Amin Saikal just said that the USA alone cannot defeat Islamic 
State with air-strikes: 

Cyberwarfare would seem preferable to dropping bombs. I don't know about 
ASD (and if I did know I couldn't tell you), but Northrop Grumman built 
a "Cyber Range" for ADFA/UNSW Canberra: 

A "Cyber Range" is the equivalent of a bomb range, for testing cyber 
weapons. The stated purpose of the ADFA one is training and research. 
But if you wanted to test an offensive cyber warfare capability for the 
Australian Defence Force, such a facility would be useful.

Also all undergraduates at UNSWC are to be trained in cyber security, 
commencing this year: 

UNSWC also has a "Australian Centre for Cyber Security" (ACCS): 

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