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On 16/11/15 10:25, Jan Whitaker wrote:
> http://www.itnews.com.au/news/turnbull-orders-rewrite-of-draft-australian-cyber-strategy-411749
>  Either the writer is confused or the government is, or both ...

All of the above: The Australian government has had several attempts at 
cyber security strategy, but there are differences of opinion, and 
emphasis, between agencies. As the media report says, the latest review 
is likely due to the new PM's interest in IT. This could be a good 
thing, as the previous attempts have not acknowledged that this is 
primarily an issue for the private sector, not government.

The UK "Cyber Security Strategy: Protecting and promoting the UK in a 
digital world", was released 25 November 2011. This had the GCHQ Joint 
Cyber Unit and an expanded Centre for Protection of the National 
Infrastructure: http://www.cpni.gov.uk/

The ACS assisted with government public consultations on cyber-security 
around Australia in October 2011. As a member of an ACS Cyber Task 
Force, I assisted with the ACS Submission for the Australian Cyber 
Policy White Paper and "Response to The Department of the Prime Minister 
and Cabinet's Discussion Paper": 

PM&C was planning to issue a "Cyber White Paper" in early 2012, but this 
did not occur. Proposals have been churning around internally in 
government since then, with little in the way of productive outcomes.

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