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Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au
Wed Nov 18 10:41:31 AEDT 2015

>On 16/11/15 10:25, Jan Whitaker wrote:
>>  Either the writer is confused or the government is, or both ...

At 8:59 +1100 18/11/15, Tom Worthington wrote:
>All of the above: The Australian government has had several attempts at 
>cyber security strategy, but there are differences of opinion, and 
>emphasis, between agencies. As the media report says, the latest review 
>is likely due to the new PM's interest in IT. This could be a good 
>thing, as the previous attempts have not acknowledged that this is 
>primarily an issue for the private sector, not government.

My guess is that the report was heavily impregnated by public service thinking.  In particular, the author (presumably Tobias Freakin) was probably given to understand that robust recommendations would not be welcome, and hence the recommendations were exceedingly gentle.  

Turnbull might just demand of his lazy, hands-off bureaucrats that they roll their sleeves up and actually do something.

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