[LINK] itN: Gaol for possessing files for 3D-printed guns

Chris Johnson Chris.Johnson at anu.edu.au
Tue Nov 24 12:28:19 AEDT 2015

You can apply the same arguments of lack of mens rea, and the same
threat to fit someone up by emailing them a naughty-file, to the
existing laws on possession of child pornography. The offence is "to
possess". The only intention needed is that to intend possession - not
to peruse.
But this is a defence, surely: is it possible to fit someone else up by
emailing them a load of sus files? Maybe not, if there is no trail of
request from the fittee to ask for the emails to be sent.
(Owning the files in order to send them is an offence, so mind how you go.)

Chris Johnson

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