[LINK] itN: Gaol for possessing files for 3D-printed guns

JanW jwhit at internode.on.net
Tue Nov 24 12:39:20 AEDT 2015

At 12:28 PM 24/11/2015, Chris Johnson wrote:
>But this is a defence, surely: is it possible to fit someone else up by
>emailing them a load of sus files? Maybe not, if there is no trail of
>request from the fittee to ask for the emails to be sent.

My point exactly.

>(Owning the files in order to send them is an offence, so mind how you go.)

And one of the worries re the dataretention scheme is the on-again/off-again referral to web links. I have elderly members of our computer club who click things. They just do. Heck, how many Australians have been sucked into the "nigerian" get rich quick schemes? Or the ' "I love you forever" now give me your money so I can come to you' schemes? 

Many people are gullible. One would hope that police would use common sense and contextual information, but who knows?


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