[LINK] Why Brutalism is the hottest trend in web design

Rick Welykochy rick at vitendo.ca
Thu Jun 2 08:17:05 AEST 2016

I had to have a chuckle. Linkers have long commented on and even
complained about web bloat. There is a movement afoot to go full
circle and return to the days of simple, easy-to-read lightweight sites.

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"It's easy to get frustrated by bloated websites that are slow to load with their
big photos that move and take over the screen, JavaScript pop-ups, giant ads,
and autoplay videos.

All this has some people longing for a return to old-school websites. And we've
been seeing an emerging trend toward stripped down website design."


Rick Welykochy

An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.
     -- Victor Hugo

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