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Wed Jun 1 21:29:18 AEST 2016

> Today the meeting at Eppalock near Bendigo was well attended by 30+ 
> people and covered by WIN News. Not one person had any good to say 
> about Telstra or NBN. Those who have had experience with Active 8 
> satellite were far from pleased. Labor turned up the Lib's did not. 
> Without question from the meeting it can be stated that if the rest of 
> Australia has the same problems in rural areas as this one then it is 
> a very serious crisis for many people regarding internet and phone 
> communication. Debt collectors turning up when no accounts have been 
> received, business being interrupted for hours, MYGOV uncontactable, 
> and communication being out for days. These are NOT my words this is a 
> small indication from the meeting. Lisa Chester was there for one hour 
> on the matter it was not just a walk through. We now find out there 
> are 4 towers that have not been connected for 4 years. We Australia 
> have a very significant problem and we the people had better start 
> making some noise because this problem is NOT going away any time 
> soon. This without doubt is very serious issue.
> Today I attended an ex-Telecom / Telstra Engineers luncheon in Sydney. 
> The speaker there spoke very candidly about the enormous (and 
> extremely costly) inter-working problems between the NBN - Telstra - 
> and other Network installers.
> No surprise to me at all (as I had worked for a couple of years with 
> Silcar / Theiss Services in 2005 - 2006, rebuilding the HFC Internet 
> infrastructure and about half of my time was inter-business 
> co-ordination that could have been totally eliminated if there was 
> only one telecomms infrastructure provider in Australia (and operating 
> as a Commission not a commercial for profit corporation).
> John Stannard, your comments make immense sense and overwhelming 
> reason for the new Federal Government to immediately act for the 
> people that make the GDP (i.e. the inland) and physically split 
> Telstra / Optus etc of their fractionated infrastructure burdens so 
> they can maximise their profits retail reselling for their ASX 
> shareholders (nothing changes) and merge all the stripped telecomms 
> infrastructure to one sub-Dept. Commission (including the NBN fiasco) 
> - never to be privatised ever again.
> It is rather obvious that the hard right Libs have Malcolm Turnbull's 
> arm wrenched behind his back right up to his neck - so he is virtually 
> mute... Alternately the Labs don't have a business person in their 
> ranks - so it is pretty hopeless... The Country Party is also right 
> wing and IMHO does not support Government Infrastructure.

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