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David Boxall linkdb at boxall.name
Tue Jun 7 09:10:29 AEST 2016

Is it any wonder that NBN™ is being compared to Fawlty Towers?

> I had Skymuster install done today and so far so good. Even though the 
> installer warned me it could take up to 48hours, the connection was 
> working by the time he left. Initial speedtests were over 23 MBs 
> download and over 4MBs upload, so got to be happy with that.
> However, the roll out system is ridiculous and will currently be 
> slowing down people being connected. As he has a 3 hour drove to get 
> here and 3 hours to get home, he can only do connections at one 
> destination before it is time for him to go home again. But, my mother 
> is in the same house yard, so he will have to do the trip all over 
> again next Tuesday to do her installation, instead, if he was allowed 
> to group the installations on one place, he could have done both 
> today, and that would have left Tuesday available to do another 
> installation somewhere else, and if bringing my mothers forward was an 
> issue, I would have been happy to wait a week if it made it simpler. 
> Same has happened on a neighbours place, and not only does he have to 
> go back to do the second installation, but the first one was the 
> worker cottage, not the main house, but he had no choice as to which 
> he had to do. With the long distances the installer needs to travel to 
> do connections out here, a lot more thought should be put into how 
> they are organised so they can be put in groups rather than a random 
> one here and then somewhere hours in the other direction the next day 
> - where there is the possibility of putting in two connections on 
> property or two close together properties in one day.
> Then there is the information he is given. For some reason nbn refuses 
> to leave the property names as part of the address, even though around 
> here, that is how our addresses work and how people know where to find 
> us. Until he contacted me, he assumed, by the address he was given, 
> that he was doing an installation about 50km away, once I gave him the 
> property name, he knew exactly where he was going. He would also like 
> the contact details to include our UHF radio channel as he knows that 
> there is a good chance we use them as we don't have mobile coverage, 
> and it makes sense from a safety angle.
> ...
Then there's this comment:
> ... he was given two installs on the one day, gets to the first one, 
> mentions where he the next one is, only to be told it is 3 hours away. 
> Calls the company he is contractor for to explain he won't be able to 
> get to the second one that day and they say the jobs can't be that far 
> apart, they have the same postcode. ...

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