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At 09:10 AM 7/06/2016, David Boxall wrote:
>Then there's this comment:
>>... he was given two installs on the one day, gets to the first one, mentions where he the next one is, only to be told it is 3 hours away. Calls the company he is contractor for to explain he won't be able to get to the second one that day and they say the jobs can't be that far apart, they have the same postcode. ...

LOL. That person should have been planted on Q&A last night. If you missed it, I highly recommend watching on iView. Barnaby got a walloping by his country people. I was going to say 'brethren', but it was the women taking him to task most heavily, and not just about social issues, but about farming issues. It was embarrassing, really. He just didn't have any answers. The bush is really angry right now. I reckon BJ is toast. NBN and CSG will lose him this election, no matter his 'status' as DepPM and Nat leader.


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