[LINK] Why you may not own, or drive your vehicle in 10 years time

Stephen Loosley stephenloosley at zoho.com
Wed Jun 8 22:12:00 AEST 2016

---- On Wed, 08 Jun 2016 Jim writes ---- 

> If the driverless vehicle drives like a dumb but safe driver it could save 
> a lot of lives, injury and loss ...  Like everything else driverless vehicles
> will be resisted by some, and taken up happily by others ... Neither the
> government or their owners will want them .. if they don't work reliably. 

For mine, it'll be a question of the definition of the terms, "work reliably."

It's a problem, but, I'd prefer that my driverless car was not programmed
to automatically kill my family over multiple others. I suspect they will be.

For an example think an impending accident on a mountain road between
your family-filled sedan and a bus-load of 20 school excursion kids? Under
political correctness for safety purposes which vehicle goes over the side?

If a human driver can see a one-in-a-hundred chance of both the vehicles
staying on the road they'd take it. But, could our "road worthy" computer?

We will need to carefully consider how we program future driver-less cars.
They might well be programmed, for political correctness, to kill the owner.


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