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Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
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The eHighway system is a low-emission solution that was developed by 
Siemens for heavily used truck shuttle routes. Electric or hybrid-drive 
trucks use pantographs to draw electric power from overhead conductors, 
which allows them to travel with practically no emissions. On an 
eHighway, which will be used by vehicles with many different owners, 
monitoring the pantographs is especially important to prevent route 
closures that may become necessary because of damaged overhead 
conductors. The eHighway solution is a compact and inexpensive system 
that can be installed at various points along the route and 
simultaneously detects whether the vehicles are authorized...

On Friday, NASA named 
an all-electric plane — the X-57 — as its latest futuristic aircraft. 
The X-57 will be powered by 14 electric motors driving propellers 
integrated into a new, narrow wing design (see artist’s conception above).


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