[LINK] Telstra wants to monitor your home

David Lochrin dlochrin at key.net.au
Thu Jun 23 15:18:13 AEST 2016

On 2016-06-22 22:39 Stephen Loosley wrote:

> Telstra launches its connected home network.
> Telstra wants you to install its internet connected sensors, cameras, power plugs and door locks in your home.

I remember hearing of one family with the modern-type PIN-operated doorlocks who had to escape out their windows as the floodwaters rose and the power failed, a rather undignified exit (:-).  The world gets more & more like the Highly Esteemed Goon Show as time goes on.

But why?

> Mr Chambers said the connected home industry was predicted to be worth more than $1bn annually in Australia in five years. The average Australian household expected to have 29 connected devices by 2020.

I see.  Is there any rational reason for thinking this will catch on?

> Apart from the ZigBee hub that links devices to the internet, there were two types of motion sensors: one was a virtual trip wire that detects someone passing a certain point, the other a wide beam sensor that could detect motion in a hallway or room.
> There was a door sensor, window sensor, indoor and outdoor home monitoring cameras, and smart plugs: internet linked double adaptors for appliances. Telstra would also supply a Zen Thermostat and an internet connected Lockwood doorlock. Extra cameras would be available on demand.
> [...]
> Telstra says users can connect and manage the devices through an app controlled from a desktop, smartphone or tablet.

I'll say the obvious - what splendid opportunities for hackers & trouble makers!

David L.

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