[LINK] The NBN, as re-imagined

David Boxall linkdb at boxall.name
Wed Nov 2 13:36:19 AEDT 2016

Sadly, this sort of stuff-up is not uncommon with nbn™. The potential 
consequences, however, are a bit unusual.

> I don't like to ask for help but don't know what else to do.
> I'm in a very remote location in far north western NSW, its 200km to 
> mobile service. I had satellite internet until August when my house 
> burnt to the ground in an accidental fire. The satellite dish was on 
> the roof and so the internet connection was lost.
> Prior to the fire there was an installation booked for NBN a couple of 
> weeks after the fire, so I thought it would be an easy fix to get the 
> dish installed on a pole as my roof was on the ground. They wanted to 
> come and verify that my roof was not able to be used, but that is 
> another story...
> So we sorted through that and an installation was booked for the 21st 
> October (it took all September to get to that point) In early October 
> I received notice that there was a mistake and it was not the 21st but 
> the 12th. I was away at that point so couldn't be there so the 12th 
> was missed and I was told we would need to reschedule.
> I received a phone call a couple of weeks ago to see if we could do 
> the install on the 3rd November (tomorrow) and I jumped at it as I now 
> have a dwelling to put the dish on eliminating the major difficulty it 
> appears to be to mount the dish on a pole.
> I rang Hills this morning to confirm the install date and I was told 
> there was another mistake with dates, it wasn't the 3rd November but 
> the 3rd December. I thought perhaps he was joking but it seems not. I 
> was repeatedly assured that the earliest I would be getting internet 
> was the 3rd December.
> The thing Hills was unable to explain is why other installs have been 
> done in the area when mine is marked as urgent but keeps being put 
> back. The other installs are people that already have internet but I 
> don't and I'm in a spot.
> I use the internet to run pumps and an automated watering system to 
> provide water to livestock. This of course is out of action without 
> internet so I have to be there to ensure water is kept up to 
> livestock. This wasn't too bad before the weather started to warm up, 
> but now its getting dangerous. The thing is, while I have no internet 
> I have to be at the property a lot, there is no house, its pretty 
> tough to be honest and I don't understand why my install couldn't be a 
> priority?
> I'm about to head back there now to ensure the livestock have water so 
> I won't have internet until I get out again in a few days. Hoping like 
> hell somebody can help me. When I tried to explain to Hills the 
> difficulty of the life I was living with having to be there with no 
> house because I had no internet he told me that I had chosen to live 
> in such an isolated place, which is true, but at least I wasn't 
> choosing to be so pathetically incompetent at my job, which I strongly 
> suggested to him, was much worse.

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