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At 01:36 PM 2/11/2016, David Boxall wrote:
>>I use the internet to run pumps and an automated watering system to provide water to livestock. This of course is out of action without internet so I have to be there to ensure water is kept up to livestock. This wasn't too bad before the weather started to warm up, but now its getting dangerous. The thing is, while I have no internet I have to be at the property a lot, there is no house, its pretty tough to be honest and I don't understand why my install couldn't be a priority?
>>I'm about to head back there now to ensure the livestock have water so I won't have internet until I get out again in a few days. Hoping like hell somebody can help me. When I tried to explain to Hills the difficulty of the life I was living with having to be there with no house because I had no internet he told me that I had chosen to live in such an isolated place, which is true, but at least I wasn't choosing to be so pathetically incompetent at my job, which I strongly suggested to him, was much worse.

I would suggest the fellow send a bill for dead stock to the CEO of the NBN, along with a copy to Mitch Fifield and Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten, oh, and Media Watch, the ACCC, ACCAN, the TIO, 7 Sunday, Current Affair, Buzzfeed and maybe even a newspaper or two. Even if any stock don't really die, I'd LOVE to see the faces on the politicians when the media front them. It would be a cracker!


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