[LINK] Telstra is lying to customers

David Lochrin dlochrin at key.net.au
Sat Feb 18 10:31:40 AEDT 2017

The smell of a dead rodent is very strong!  But I wonder if it was really Telstra calling?  It may have been a marketing organisation who were being paid on results, or it may have been an outright scam.  The latter seems most likely to me - at some point they'd ask for a deposit and the victim would never see them again.

I also received both a 'phone call from Telstra (or a marketing agency acting on their behalf) and the circular letter from NBN Co.  The Telstra caller was quite courteous.  I told him I intended to migrate to the NBN through my ISP, which he accepted straight away, and that was that.

However many people are probably under the vague impression the NBN means Telstra.  A normally well informed friend has a Foxtel HFC service, and he recently observed in passing that he supposed they'd have to go with Telstra when the NBN arrived.  I said I'm sure that would be illegal and the ACCC would very soon become involved.

David L.

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