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At 10:31 AM 18/02/2017, David Lochrin wrote:

>The smell of a dead rodent is very strong!  But I wonder if it was really Telstra calling?  It may have been a marketing organisation who were being paid on results, or it may have been an outright scam.  The latter seems most likely to me - at some point they'd ask for a deposit and the victim would never see them again. 

I was asked by someone else if this was a scam. I truly don't think it was, or else it was awfully slick! When I pushed back that I wouldn't give him my details over the phone to 'order' whatever it was he was selling, he offered to give me the amount of my last monthly bill to confirm he was who he said he was. He also rattled off his name and employee number so I could check. I wish now I had let him give me the amount, because that would have shown he was 'legit' working with Telstra data.

IF Telstra is NOT doing this themselves, then this should be investigated as a scam. I have heard that there are persistent calls going around right now purporting to be from Telstra technical department and that they are going to fix your computer. That's entirely different. I tell those guys to F-off and slam the phone down. One lady told me she got FIVE phone calls from that scam in one day this week. 

This guy was Australian. He was explaining what HFC was. He assumed I had 'cable' installed already, which was wrong, but I don't know that Telstra would have Foxtel subscriber info.

Anyway, Telstra, if you're listening, your tactics may be working, but it's TOTALLY unethical if not outright ILLEGAL to mislead customers. To tell them their phone service will be shut off within a month because hey, they can't do it all at once now can they? Yeah, that was his explanation as to why the 18 month window was 'wrong' from the NBN.

Oh well. I got my installation appointment date this morning and will soon be rid of the big T forever. They just lost 18 months of monthly supply service income from me and hopefully a few others who figure out their hardsell approach for what it is.


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