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>>“They have taken Australians and given them all this fancy modern technology, the politicians are telling everyone how fantastic it is, when in reality it’s far worse than what people have now where telephones are concerned.”

This started with mobiles as well. The place I notice it most is on radio. Remote reporting via mobile phone often is so sub-par that the message is completely lost. Or the call-in shows where the person speaking is so unclear or "breaking up", that it wasn't worth the cost to them, or the audience, of the wait on hold to get to be on the program.

Here's another doozy.

I signed up for a new NBN-distribution internet/voice service. During the process, I had to verbally agree NOT to enforce my CSG rights. Yep, if I wanted to buy any service from this company ::cough:: Internode ::cough:: I was required to give up rights for this supposed guarantee for voice communications. I did it of course because there really are no longer rights for voice service because of the information in this article. So companies are doing belts and braces to be sure you understand and AGREE to give up those "rights" that are no longer rights. I wonder what the ACCC thinks about this? Hey, Checkout, this is one for you!

Talk about Orwellian.


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