[LINK] NBN customers complain of unreliable home phone service

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On 25/02/2017 2:37 PM, JanW wrote:
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> I signed up for a new NBN-distribution internet/voice service. During the process, I had to verbally agree NOT to enforce my CSG rights. Yep, if I wanted to buy any service from this company ::cough:: Internode ::cough:: I was required to give up rights for this supposed guarantee for voice communications. I did it of course because there really are no longer rights for voice service because of the information in this article. So companies are doing belts and braces to be sure you understand and AGREE to give up those "rights" that are no longer rights. I wonder what the ACCC thinks about this? Hey, Checkout, this is one for you!
> Talk about Orwellian.
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Telstra has been doing the same with NGWL (when they either don't 
provide a physical cable or allow the existing one to degrade beyond 
usability, then offer wireless instead) for some time.

If you're on NBN/VoIP, then you'd better not want to move:
> ... I think the nbn™ and the conversion from PSTN on copper to VOIP using the new technology has introduced a world of hurt for when people now want to transfer companies for VOIP or change addresses.
> In the past it was a simple thing of ring up and either assigning a new company as you retailer on the same day without and loss of service or cancelling one service on a day and getting the new service up and running again on the same day.
> It is now quickly becoming apparent that it's no longer a simple task due to the mix of technologies and the need to have a nbn™ service to enable a VOIP service to be active.

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