[LINK] British researcher finds a 'kill switch' for global cyber attack

Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
Tue May 16 08:41:21 AEST 2017

On 15/05/17 12:14, David Lochrin wrote:

> ...Debian offers a number of GUI implementations, including the
> widely used KDE which can be configured to have the traditional
> Windows look & feel.

Yes, I use the Mint Linux with an old fashioned Windows interface.

> ... it's difficult to see why any organisation would prefer Windows.
> Maybe a big corporation gives a sense of parental comfort?

Part of this is familiarity. If you have done all your education using a
particular operating system and packages, then it can be difficult to
conceive of using anything else. Google has made some progress in the
education area introducing students and teachers to an alternative to 
Microsoft products. But this is just replacing one hegemony with another.

A tempting option for students is a phablet which you can dock to make
it a desktop computer. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft,
Google, or no one, wins out in that market.

ps: Correction: over the last five years I have been a student at *four*
higher education institutions, not three.

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