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At 11:59 AM +1000 26/4/18, Karl Auer wrote:
>Interesting thought experiment is to wonder what all those unused cars
>could be doing ...

Great starter-sets!

The law of counter-countermeasures also suggests that there will be a new phenomenon of pop-up parking areas as the congestion rises and the liquidated demand for parking-spots rises to an attractive level.

And add to the '101 uses for a self-driving car in a wait-loop:  rental for local courier-deliveries and short-haul human transport, availability for enlistment or commandeering for demos and blockades, availability for commandeering for pavement-mounting massacres, ...


At 11:59 AM +1000 26/4/18, Karl Auer wrote:
>On Thu, 2018-04-26 at 11:03 +1000, David wrote:
>> > But perhaps with smart networked cars parking sensors will be
>> > obsolete.  The car would simply tell the car park where it has
>> > parked. If that car park fills up, the car could drive itself
>> > elsewhere and come back when you are leaving. Self driving cars
>> > could make soccer moms (unpaid uber-drivers) obsolete. ;-)
>> Maybe!!!!
>I just had a vision of an entire city turned into a clogged and slowly
>churning cauldron of driverless cars, all waiting to be called back to
>their owners, who are shopping, working... and didn't want to bother
>with parking.
>As soon as parking is a problem that people don't have to worry about,
>those who currently provide parking will stop providing parking,
>because the space could be used more profitably for other things. The
>amount of parking will decrease, all parking spaces will become short-
>stay (for loading and unloading) and cars not in active use will be
>told to go crawling around the city until needed... or flitting from
>short-stay parking spot to short-stay parking spot.
>Law of Unintended Consequences.
>Interesting thought experiment is to wonder what all those unused cars
>could be doing, what possibilities a critical mass of unused cars might
>pen up, the possibility of laws forbidding driverless cars from being
>driverless without an occupant for longer than X minutes, the possible
>rise of "car minder" as an occupation, the rise of dead driverless cars
>that ran out of energy, blocking traffic because there was nowhere to
>park... whew. Cars that can recognise an oncoming parking inspector and
>leave; parking spaces that communicate with cars and negotiate terms;
>parking spaces in areas that humans cannot go - deep underground, dark,
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