[LINK] My letter to the local paper

David dlochrin at key.net.au
Mon Jul 23 13:53:15 AEST 2018

On Sunday, 22 July 2018 17:22:53 AEST Karl Auer wrote:

> You cannot control who uploads things into your record. You have no right to check what is uploaded into your record. You cannot control who sees your record. You cannot find out who has accessed your record, nor what they do with it. You cannot correct or remove documents from your record.

I thought it was possible for an individual to at least display their record, I assume all of it (?), and to be notified when it was accessed.  However whether this would be honoured for all time, even if true, is not guaranteed.

I think it would be worth repeating the URL of the opt-out page too.


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