[LINK] Can you pay to change your FTTN to FTTP?

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Sat Mar 31 12:39:16 AEDT 2018

On 31/03/2018 2:20 AM, Stephen Loosley wrote:
> Interesting discussion on Reddit right now ..
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Yes, it's an oft-discussed topic. The problem appears to be that even a 
single FttP service will exceed a node's backhaul capacity. That one 
customer is therefore stuck with costs of upgrading infrastructure all 
the way to the exchange (not just from premises to node).

Something similar is true for "area switch". Councils that have 
investigated upgrading their CBDs, for example, have been quoted for 
upgrading the entire network, not just nodes to premises.

Kenneth Tsang did some analysis in 2015 that's pretty depressing.
I'm on Fixed Wireless, the rules of which allow for sharing "up to" 900 
Mb/s between "up to" 2640 premises.

Clearly, our politicians want to give the appearance of doing the job, 
without spending any more than necessary to give that appearance. 
Actually building the infrastructure that the nation needs is not on 
their agenda.

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