[LINK] UK could retaliate against cyber attacks with missiles

Stephen Loosley StephenLoosley at outlook.com
Thu May 24 23:39:09 AEST 2018

UK could retaliate against cyber attacks with missiles, Attorney General says

By Anna Mikhailova, Political Correspondent  23 May 2018 • 5:14pm

Britain has a legal right to retaliate against aggressive cyber attacks with missiles, the Attorney General has suggested.

The most serious cyber attacks should be treated in the same way as armed attacks on Britain if they result in a high level of devastation, Jeremy Wright QC said.

It is the first time a Government minister has set out the UK’s view on the record.

Speaking to Chatham House, the think tank, on Wednesday morning, Mr Wright said: "Cyber operations that result in or present an imminent threat of death and destruction on an equivalent scale to an armed attack will give rise to an inherent right to take action in self defence …


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