[LINK] America to launch 12,000 communictions satellites

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On 20/11/2018 11:34 AM, David wrote:
> Even the ABC article about the laser work at Stromlo referred to "the amount of pieces in orbit" instead of the "number of pieces".

I know! Number, fewer and less. Drives me bonkers!! Even print 
journalists mess those up. I want to scream at them "I would like fewer 
water, please", just to see if they spot what's wrong with that.

I'm reading a Bill Bryson book that is fantastic, called Made In 
America: An Informal History of the English Language In the United 
States. It covers many common phrases attributed to specific persons 
that they didn't actually say at all. I'm just in the chapter where he 
is talking about the explosion of Americanisms in the 1800s, many of 
which are forgotten British words, but the proper speakers from England 
didn't know that. It is a humbling experience, though. Some of the words 
he describes are still in use here.

Link to communications. Language is fluid, technology changes, and the 
mixing of languages occurs from that new technology today rather than 
the movement and isolation of people in the past.


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