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Good on you Tom .. seemingly a most worthwhile initiative by everyone who is involved.

Might one suggest that an emphasis on literacy and numeracy, for all age-groups, might be especially helpful?

For example:

(Page 22) “While Solomon Islands invests significant amounts in education, the outcomes of this investment are not meeting expectations. Solomon Islands annually allocates up to 25 percent of the Government budget to Education, reflecting good international practice. This allocation is supplemented by significant donor flows. However, as illustrated by low functional literacy rates, below-satisfactory test results, and the skills shortage challenging employers, this investment does not lead to the outcomes expected for all Solomon Islanders.”

(And page 23) Reported literacy versus functional literacy

“Using data derived from self-reporting (such as that in census data) as a basis for calculating literacy rates is widely
acknowledged as flawed. With answers given by the heads of households on behalf of other members of the family, it
represents household opinion and is a very inaccurate proxy for true functional literacy. For example, while the Solomon
Islands Census 2009 estimates a literacy rate of 84.1 percent, the results of survey work to test functional literacy in four
provinces of the Solomon Islands (COESI/ASPBAE 2007 and 2010) indicate that functional literacy rates of respondents
ranged from 7 percent to 33.9 percent of respondents in each of the four provinces. A similar report commissioned by AusAID in
Vanuatu found a 33 percent literacy rate, contrasting starkly with the rate of 87 percent derived from 2009 census”

Ref: https://olc.worldbank.org/sites/default/files/WB001%20BKL%20Solomon%20Skills_v3_0.pdf


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The Australian Government is paying for a fibre optic cable to the
Solomon Islands. So the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has
asked for ideas how this could help young people in the Solomon Islands
with skills and education. The winning idea in the Solomon Islands
Technology for Development Challenge will receive up to $250,000 AUD for
implementation, as part of Australia’s Cyber Cooperation Program.

I have entered the Challenge with "Micro-credentials by Mobile Phone".
This proposes m-Learning via Smart Phones, providing a vocational
relevant credential, within months, rather than taking years.

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