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Carl Makin carl at stagecraft.cx
Tue Oct 9 11:59:02 AEDT 2018

Hi Bob,

> On 9 Oct 2018, at 9:36 am, Dr Bob Jansen <bob.jansen at turtlelane.com.au> wrote:
> Can any linker who has been 'upgraded' to the NBN answer some simple questions? I can not find out anything about these.

We went from iiNet VDSL2 to NBN FTTN.

> 1. When the NBN is connected to your house, does the existing ADSL facility immediately stop or is there a period during which both remain available?

It will depend on how many telephone lines are available, however for the most part yes, the ADSL will stop and the FTTN/FTTC connection will take over.  If you have multiple lines available then you might be able to talk to the technician and get both running at the same time.  Crosstalk may be an issue.  

At my house we had 4 phone pairs plus Transact CAT3 due to previous work ISDN install, cable TV, second data lines etc and the tech was excellent in working with me to find the best pair.  I was able to run both iiNet VDSL2 and FTTN VDSL2 NBN (via Aussie Broadband) at the same time for a couple of weeks to compare before I switched completely.  That would be somewhat atypical I suspect. 

> 2. On a FTTC connection, does the ISP or property owner have to provide a modem? Searching on the net leaves this a very confused issue, some saying yes, others no. Many answers imply that the NBN connecting device provided by NBN is the model and so just a network cable is required.

VDSL2 modems (FTTN/FTTC) are usually supplied by/purchased from, the ISP, not NBN.  You can, however, use your own equipment if it is compatible.  I bought a Netcomm NF18ACV from Aussie Broadband when I got the service and it’s been fine.

I think that with FTTP and Fixed Wireless, NBN provide the connecting equipment and just hand you an ethernet cable.  It’s then up to you or your ISP to provide the rest.

As to performance,
. ADSL2, 1.1KM from the exchange, 14/.8 Mbit/s
. iiNet VDSL2, through two nodes to the supernode (long distance), 33/2.5 Mbit/s
. NBN VDSL2, 95/35 Mbit/s


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