[LINK] network speed comparison or should I ditch my fixed line?

Dr Bob Jansen (in Korea) bobjtls at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 11:16:59 AEDT 2018

I thought I would share my quick tests for network speed for my various 
connection possibilities. I did this because I am wondering, given the 
amount of data included with even a $30 per month package, whether a 
fixed line is worth the cost.

I am a TPG ADSL2 customer and have a $30pm Amaysim plan which provides 
10Gb every 28 days, as well as a Telstra iPad SIM plan which provides 
12Gb per annum. I believe Optus are offering a $35pm/30Gb mobile plan at 

My results, time is Mbit per sec, using Ookla's Speedtest software 
connected to Aus Net Servers server:
Down    Up
Telstra using iPad:                                    21.8    2.77
Amaysim via the Optus network:              67.3    4.65
TPG via ADSL2 and internal wifi network: 13.1     0.94

TPG costs me just under $60 per month and I have no issue with their 
service at all, it has been up constantly.

However, looking at the speeds versus cost, It would be more beneficial 
for me to move to the Amaysim service and cut TPG off altogether. I 
could offer internal wifi using personal hotspot technology or even 
purchase a sim modem.

These figures are just snapshots so should be considered with some care. 
However, the difference in connection speed is impressive.

One thing I have not been able to identify is my monthly usage since TPG 
stopped collecting stats some months ago ( have just asked them why and 
to start again). I do not use free to air tv except through Freeview or 
ABC's iView. Everything else is Youtube/Netflix.

Any Linkers got any thoughts?


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