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As you can see one way is to get VOIP with your ISP and the voip/nbn 
modem can have a regular phone port on it which you plug in your 
existing phone into it. Or you can get a hardware voip phone that plugs 
directly into a network port of your nbn modem. Or you can use softphone 
(a software phone) which is phone software that runs on your computer 
that uses the internet connection of you computer, like skype except it 
separates the software and the voip provider, since with a softphone you 
can choose who the VOIP provider is.

A disadvantage of a softphone is you can't carry it around the house, 
the advantage is you can wear a headset with mic (more comfortable) and 
sit at your computer on an ergonomic chair, if you're using your 
computer a lot (which I do) then it makes sense to have the phone as 
software on the computer, but I have to exit the software if I am doing 
something I don't want to be interrupted, and then phone messages people 
leave for me go through to voicemail as email audio attachments I 
receive, so when I check my email I can check the incoming phone message 
emails as well.


On Sun. 28-Apr.-19 10:12 am, Tom Worthington wrote:
> On 27/4/19 10:41 am, David wrote:
>> ... Was the ISP's phone a POTS service ...
> It was an analog phone on CAT 6 cable to the fiber optic node, about 
> 20m away.
>> ... $20 per month _providing_ it's bundled with internet access.
> You can get a mobile phone service for $10 a month, or less.
>> ... pre-configured VoIP box of some sort?
> For VoIP, I bought a box, and configured myself, which was a nightmare.
>> ... VoIP also has the advantage it can be connected to the house ...
> Some of the fixed wireless desk phones provide a RJ11 socket to 
> connect analog phones. Some have a cordless handset, and allow you to 
> add extra cordless handsets. There are also Cellular Wired Phone 
> Adapters, which don't have a built in handset.
> But this is getting a bit complicated. I think of a home phone as 
> something you have in a corner to use very occasionally, like this:
>     "Craven flees for a bunker - a disused nuclear weapons fire 
> control site. Now feeling the effects of the radiation, and with the 
> IIF forces flooding the bunker with gas, Craven desperately seeks out 
> a working telephone - the only one he can find dials directly to a 
> disused basement at 10 Downing Street. A bemused security guard 
> answers the call as Craven screams "Get me Pendelton!".
> From "Edge of Darkness", Episode 5, BBC TV, 1985 
> http://genehuntsguidetodvds.blogspot.com/2010/05/edge-of-darkness-vs-edge-of-darkness.html
> ;-)

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