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Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
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On 27/4/19 10:41 am, David wrote:

> ... Was the ISP's phone a POTS service ...

It was an analog phone on CAT 6 cable to the fiber optic node, about 20m 

>... $20 per month _providing_ it's bundled with internet access.

You can get a mobile phone service for $10 a month, or less.

> ... pre-configured VoIP box of some sort?

For VoIP, I bought a box, and configured myself, which was a nightmare.

> ... VoIP also has the advantage it can be connected to the house ...

Some of the fixed wireless desk phones provide a RJ11 socket to connect 
analog phones. Some have a cordless handset, and allow you to add extra 
cordless handsets. There are also Cellular Wired Phone Adapters, which 
don't have a built in handset.

But this is getting a bit complicated. I think of a home phone as 
something you have in a corner to use very occasionally, like this:

	"Craven flees for a bunker - a disused nuclear weapons fire control 
site. Now feeling the effects of the radiation, and with the IIF forces 
flooding the bunker with gas, Craven desperately seeks out a working 
telephone - the only one he can find dials directly to a disused 
basement at 10 Downing Street. A bemused security guard answers the call 
as Craven screams "Get me Pendelton!".

 From "Edge of Darkness", Episode 5, BBC TV, 1985 


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