[LINK] NBN Co's 'Netflix tax' slammed as push to protect net neutrality grows

Paul Brooks pbrooks-link at layer10.com.au
Fri Jul 5 13:52:56 AEST 2019

Response direct from NBNCo at

They allege the intent of the question was to tease out ways of reducing charges for
streaming video, not increase.
There is no proposal for any increased charge or network capability on the table now,
and I suspect the huge negative public response
should ensure they rethink any plans to introduce something along these lines.


On 5/07/2019 10:27 am, Dr.bob Jansen wrote:
> So, given the move of content providers to set up their own channels and move away from aggregators such as Netflix, we will now have to not only partly to acces content but also to view it on our devices. So a double payment .
> The world is going bottom line mad!
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>> On 5 Jul 2019, at 08:37, JLWhitaker <jwhit at internode.on.net> wrote:
>>> On 4/07/2019 2:09 PM, Stephen Loosley wrote:
>>> Options available to you.
>>> If the introduction of a monthly data allowance means this service no longer meets your needs, you can cancel your service without penalty by contacting our Customer Service on Live Chat (https://support.myrepublic.com.au/...).
>>> If no action is taken by you, your service will automatically change to include the monthly data allowance described above and move to calendar monthly invoicing on 1 August 2019.
>> Not much of an option - take it or leave it. I'm surprised they didn't offer selling more data packs to you if you need it beyond the 200Gb limit instead of throttling which will just piss people off.
>> Imagine you're in a household of even 2 children with homework needs, let alone paid for streaming services for sports viewing.
>> People won't think this is a big deal until Dad is watching the final of some obscure sporting event and the little 'loading' wheel appears on his screen. I hope he hasn't been drinking!
>> I think My Republic just lost multiple customer segments.
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