[LINK] RFC: Article Series on 'Responsible AI'

Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au
Mon Mar 4 20:50:06 AEDT 2019

I've put a proposal to Computer Law & Security Review for a series of 
three articles on 'Responsible AI'.

It's all drafted, and I need to submit it in about a week's time.

I'd very much appreciate the thoughts of people in the link community.

The biggest payback for me is of course the detection of outright 
errors, seriously misleading expressions, missed opportunities, and 
passages that are incomprehensible.

But any observations at all of the 'constructively negative' variety can 
be very helpful.

0.  Series Overview (1 x A4 page):

1.  Why the World Wants Controls over Artificial Intelligence

2.  Principles and Business Processes for Responsible AI

3.  Regulatory Alternatives for AI

The articles can be read in sequence.  But it's intended that key 
elements should make reasonable sense if read in a standalone manner, in 
particular these bits:

-   The Threats Inherent in AI

-   Stakeholder and Multi-Stakeholder Risk Assessment and Management

-   Principles for Responsible AI

     The 10 Abstract Principles

     The 50 Detailed Principles

-   A Co-Regulatory Framework for AI

Many thanks!  ...  Roger

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