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Fri Mar 15 14:30:52 AEDT 2019

Virtual pedestrians pave way to safer roads for driverless cars
Esha Vaish
Mar 15 2019

 >A "virtual human" suddenly steps out at a blind bend, but the engineer 
in the Volvo car's driving seat on the test track doesn't flinch, 
leaving it to software to take evasive action.

So we're then going to have to later teach these devices to distinguish 
between (a) virtual humans and humans, and (b) virtual humans and 
'artefacts' / 'chimeras' / 'tricks of the light'.


 >Start-up Einride uses one of the tracks to check whether a person in 
Barcelona can use Ericsson's 5G network to remotely steer its driverless 
electric truck, which gives a warning and stops when it encounters a 
moose or other roadblock.

'There's no mooses in Barcelona!'

'Yeah, effective, isn't it!'

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